Hyundai-Nishat will release a 1.6-liter version of the Elantra in April-2022 to keep up with the Competition. The upcoming Elantra model is being staged to compete with some of the most popular sedans in current times including Toyota Corolla Altis X 1.6, the base variant of Honda Civic, and High end versions of Honda City and Toyota Yaris.

The company rolled out its first C-Class in March and has sold 2,784 Elantras in a year. Currently it sells more than 300 units of Elantra each month and now has plans to rev up the Production and penetrate the market with new variant.

The 1.6-liter Elantra is identical on the outside to the 2.0-liter version, but there will be some modifications from interior. Especially the instrument panel and infotainment screen.

Current price of 2.0litre variant is PKR 44 Lacs, while it is expected that Nishat Hyundai will keep the the price of new variant in the range of PKR 35 Lacs to PKR 40 lacs to remain in competition.

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