Mr. Kabir Naqvi, Resident and CEO of U Microfinance Bank Limited (U Bank), and Mr. Arif Usmani, Chairman and CEO of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding strategic cooperation between the two organizations. Improve the overall financial situation in the country

Cooperation between the two institutions will create synergy between the two institutions. This strategic partnership creates a platform to improve the ability of the two institutions to offer a full range of banking services. and improve various forms of cooperation including medium and long-term loans Housing credit (Public housing under the Partnership Master Plan) and working capital, and financing arrangers and many other financing options.

On this occasion, Mr. Kabir Naqvi, Chairman and CEO of U Bank, said that the two institutions have established a strong mutually beneficial relationship and are ready to cooperate through innovative transactions and structuring. Loan guarantee line and detailed Gold Shroff exchange for better financial valuation. This alliance represents an excellent opportunity to provide innovative financial solutions to our consolidated client base. Synergy will pave the way for the development of integrated financial services in the country.

Arif Usmani, Chairman and CEO of NBP, acknowledges U Bank’s efforts to digitize and financially integrate the non-banking economy, and stressed that U Bank’s inclusion in the Karyana Grocery Store was recently launched by the Prime Minister. It will not only give great results. With the well-known experience of U Bank, she wants to strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions in the future. He also discussed the need to develop regulation for the video lending industry in order to reduce the number of non-performing loans. and investing in human resources to deliver quality services and financial solutions to the masses

The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the NBP and was attended by senior leaders from both banks.

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