Nimir Industrial Chemicals Limited has notified that it has started commercial production of the home care products for its multinational customers. It recently completed the home care production facility, which is expected to contribute to increased Sales Revenue and Profit growth.

The said Home and Personal car facility has multiple lines to manufacture home care products such as toilet/bathroom cleaners, surface cleaners, fabric bleach/whiteners etc.

Nimir Industrial Chemicals will now be offering various fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) under one roof using the most advanced machines, which are meeting the international standards on GMP, HSE and social compliances.

Nimir Industrial Chemicals already has strong position in domestic oleo chemicals and chlor alkali products manufacturing industry.

The Company enjoys strong customer base (includes multinational FMCGs), stable margins, and generated persistent profitability. The Company has established a distinguished position in its operating segment through provision of high quality products to large-scale multi-national companies.

Major shareholding of the Company rest with sponsors individually i.e. Zafar Mehmood (~22%), Khalid Qazi
(~13%), Umer Iqbal (~7%) and Executives Aamir Jamil & Imran Afzal (~26%).

NICL had sales of PKR 23.09 billion with Net Profit of PKR 1.694 Billion in FY2021.

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