In order to bring transparency in the Real Estate sector and provide ease to both Resident and Overseas Pakistanis, has launched the Online Property Verification System (OPVS) for their housing needs in their home country.

The portal was launched at the Overseas Pakistan Conference 2022, organized by the Kashmir Parliamentary Committee. The event was the subject of several panel discussions with members of the FIA, SECP, SBP, MOFA, NADRA and DGIP to discuss the challenges Pakistanis face abroad.

Back in 2018, 5,492 unregistered and illegal housing associations were identified and reported in Pakistan. The lack of a regulatory framework, the lack of access to verified real estate information, and complex asset transfers have led to fraudulent practices and property fraud, especially among Pakistanis abroad which led to Loss of Billion of Rupees in these scams. OPVS provides services, including design plan approval status check, competent authority (to handle approvals in the notified area), address (plot number, street number, Gali number, road name), LOP system approval status. area (square feet). yds) and the land use permitted in the approved plan.

This was a much required service especially from Overseas Pakistanis who couldn’t physically verify the property before buying due to distance from the country.

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