Pakistan’s rising mobile phone brand ‘RealMe’ has started assembling smartphones in the country to reduce production costs. With the start of assembly in Pakistan The price of Realme smartphones has been reduced by 40 percent, and the benefits have already been transferred to end users.

Realme has made great strides in the Pakistani smartphone market since it entered the market two years ago.

Last year, Realme built an assembly plant in Lahore with a $16 million investment. The plant’s daily output is between 2,500 and 4,000 units depending on market demand and the type of smartphones produced. Because the factory works with both budget and medium price, as well as with premium products.

Strict Quality Assurance is being followed in every step and every process set by Realme Plant to ensure smooth operation and quality production. Local staff are trained in these policies and standards through training provided by Chinese engineers and technicians.

The Realme assembly plant operates on a philosophy. “Made in Pakistan for Pakistan”

Assembly production creates about 800-1000 jobs for the local economy. including technicians, engineers and other white collar workers

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