Pakistan’s Third largest Mobile Telecom company, Telenor Sales revenue reached PKR106 billion in 2021 marking 5 percent growth Year-on-Year. This came amid nascent recovery from COVID19 pandemic and increased competition.

The operating profit increased by 11 percent YoY to touch PKR 3 billion.

Jazz had 50 million users by the end of 2021, marking 16 percent year-on-year increase.

Average Revenue per User (ARPU) decreased by 1 percent to PKR 170/month level.

Telenor’s Earnings before Interest,Tax, Depreciation and Amortization increased by 4 percent year-on-year in 2021 to around PKR 56 billion due to Business Efficiency measures taken by the company. EBITDA margins have slightly declined to 53 percent from previous level of 55 percent. The decline in margins is primarily due to lower ARPU.

Telenor’s financial strength is increasing. Coming years, may further bolster the financials as economy recovers from COVID19 shock.

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