The Chiniot Dam is expected to be completed by December 2022 and will produce 80 megawatts of cheap and clean electricity. It is located on the Chenab River, Five kilometers from Chiniot

Chiniot Dam has a total storage area of ​​0.90 million acre-feet (MAF) and has generation capacity of 80 megawatts (274 GWh).

The construction of the project is nearing completion as the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has accelerated the construction of small and medium sized dams.

The government will allocate Rs 50 billion under the PSDP budget and Rs 96.33 million will be financed by WAPDA from its own fund. A feasibility study for the Chiniot Dam project was conducted by WAPDA and completed in 2019.

The detailed technical design of PP-II was submitted to the Department of Water Resources (MWR) for consideration at the upcoming meeting of the Departmental Development Working Group (DDWP), which approved the form of PP-II under certain conditions. she added

A WAPDA representative told APP that the project is extremely important. This will help ensure Chiniot’s daily water supply and create business opportunities for locals to start fishing projects and tourist spots for locals to enjoy. Small to medium sized dams are needed in the country to avoid the risk of major flooding in areas close to rivers and in areas with heavy rainfall. Small dams will save from rainwater and floods. which will be used for household needs and irrigation

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