According to official sources, work on various road projects along the Western Side of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is in full swing and the projects are expected to be completed within three years.

According to the details, the projects completed on the western line of the CPEC include 297 km of the Hakla-DI Khan Expressway, 235 km of the Quetta-Sohrab road, 449 km of the Saurabh-Khushab road and 193 km of the road. Khoshab – Gwadar Road.

Projects under construction on the western CPEC road include 305 km of the Zhob-Quetta road, 110 km of the Basima-Khuzdar road, Nokundi-Mashkel roads and 146 km of the Khoshab-Awaran road.

Planned western route projects include the 360 ​​km Peshawar Di Khan Expressway, the 460 km Karachi-Quetta-Chaman road, the 200 km Mashkal-Panjgur road and the 163 km Avaran-Khuzdar road. , and road 228. Panjgur-Awaran road and Awaran-Jhal Jao-Bela road, 136 km long.

Working on 210 miles D.I. The Khan (Yarik) – Zob (H-50) and Zhob-Quetta (H-50) roads have already been completed, work is also underway on the 431 km section Khuzdar – Quetta – Chaman of the H-25 highway. Saurab-Khoshab is already operating in N-85 and Gvadar-Turbat-Khoshab (M-8) areas.

Moreover, works on the 106 km Basima-Khuzdar road, Quetta road in Khuzdar and Khuzdar road in Avaran and Haushab have already begun and will soon be completed. The sources added that the work on the tracks of the western route of the corridor will be completed within three years.

All roads on the western route pass through remote areas with higher levels of poverty, fewer jobs, and very low levels of industrial and infrastructure development, so the completion of these projects will lead to prosperity in the region.

The country is moving into the second phase of the economic corridor as it bypasses infrastructure to focus on agriculture, especially in economic zones, to promote industrialization, according to the agency. Other sectors such as science, technology, information technology and agriculture have also been involved in the corridor megaproject.

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