A winter gas load management plan is being under development and will soon be submitted to the federal government for approval. The parliamentary committee was told on Tuesday that every effort is being made to ensure the maximum possible supply of gas to the critical sectors of the economy.

The Ministry of Energy briefed the Senate Standing Committee on Oil about the gas crisis / shortage in the country over the past two years and the actions taken to overcome it.

Ministry officials informed the committee that the two Sui companies are working hard to ensure uninterrupted gas supplies round the clock in all sectors, including households and industry. Domestic gas demand will decrease in summer, but demand in the energy sector will increase, which will be met by ordering the maximum possible volume of GPG.

As in winter, the demand for domestic gas in the SNGPL network more than tripled and doubled in the SSGC network due to the use of water and room heaters, and even after SNGPL has established the maximum demand for GISNG, there will be a shortage. Therefore, load management is applied to close the gap between supply and demand.

This year, to bridge the gap between supply and demand; SNGPL continued to suspend supplies of CNG and closed (non-zero) power plants in Punjab. In addition, supplies to industrial plants were also suspended for one day, while the Energy Department was asked to consider downward GPP applications.

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