The WTO has praised the report released by the government of Pakistan for its honest and realistic assessment of the challenges facing Pakistan. The assessment came during the Fifth Trade Policy Review of Pakistan (TPR), which ended on April 1, 2022.

During the two-day review, almost 320 questions were asked by Member States covering a wide range of areas from a business and economic perspective. Commission composed of representatives of various departments. federal including the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the World Trade Organization. It was created to answer questions from Member States. During the investigation, 33 Member States intervened to give their opinion on Pakistan’s policies. ask more questions and provide feedback on conflicting issues

Members commend Pakistan’s economic resilience in dealing with the impact of COVID-19. and rapid economic recovery They also praised Pakistan’s rationalization policy. A shift to higher exports and a narrower current account deficit, especially when there is a balance of payments crisis and a shock from COVID-19. The country was commended for the effective implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement and the establishment of a national one-stop-shop that would be in line with national priorities in regional connectivity and trade facilitation, and integration with global and regional value chains.

Members praised trade and industry expansion legislation, including the STPF Mobile Device Manufacturing Guidelines 2020-25. Automotive Manufacturing Guide SME Development and Young Entrepreneurs and E-Commerce Approach Looking to the Future Pakistan attaches great importance to the green economy and gender mainstreaming. Members also commend Pakistan’s openness to FDI and regulatory simplification.

Members encouraged Pakistan to focus on diversifying its export base and use the multilateral trading system to achieve its development goals. Countries also commended Pakistan’s active participation in the WTO and strong support for the multilateral trading system throughout. WTO values ​​and principles and support for developing countries.

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