Saudi Minister of Labor and Welfare Engineer Ahmed Al Raji said a proposal of 4 working days and 3 days off per week is under consideration.

Engineer Ahmed Al Raji said: “The labor law is being reviewed from all angles to make Saudi Arabia more attractive to investors.

Engineer Ahmed Al-Raji added that the labor market is very important in order to be attractive.

The Ministry of Manpower wants the new law to be attractive to workers and make it easier for citizens to find jobs, and the Saudi Minister of Manpower has said that 30 more sectors will be Saudized this year, to be announced soon.

During 2021, 32 professions were “Saudized” to to create 200,000 jobs for locals. As a result, twice as many Saudis were appointed as expected.

Pertinent to note here is that United Arab Emirates has recently announced Four And a Half week schedule in its Government based departments which includes Half Day for Friday and Two days off for Saturday and Sunday.

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