Federal government has announced the “Rules for the Removal and Prohibition of Illegal Internet Content (Actions, Censorship, and Security Measures), 2021”, which oblige social media companies to remove or block access to online content deemed essential Islamic honor, security, public order , morality, ethics, integrity and protection of Pakistan.

Such social networking sites would be banned or fined up to Rs 500 million unless they remove or block access to online content or comply with directives. Removal of illegal online content. “And his denial (procedures, controls and guarantees), 2021”.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology said in a statement that the rules were used by the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority in exercising its powers under section 37 (2) of the Cybercrime Act 2016 (XL, 2016).

IT Ministry has stated that such rules will ensure safeguards, process and mechanism for exercise of powers by the authority under the Act for deleting or blocking unlawful content on the internet.

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