According to the latest figures from the Pakistani Telecom Authority (PTA), broadband penetration in the country reached 49.94% and 109.61 million subscribers.

Mobile broadband users reached 106.67 million mark.

Accordingly, there are approximately 1.48 million DSL subscribers, 0.56 million fiber to the home (FTTH), 0.26 million Enhanced Evolution data (EvDO), 0.59 million 3G / 4G LTE (fixed), hybrid fiber coaxial cable (HFC) 19000 and WiMax.

Telephony density in Pakistan also rose to 86.79 percent, of which 85.65 percent is covered by mobile phone services and 1.14 percent is covered by fixed line subscriber line (FLL) and wireless local loop (WLL).

According to the data, the number of mobile subscribers exceeds 187.99 million and Jazz continues to dominate the market with 38.35% (72.1 million) of the total subscriber base, followed by Telenor Pakistan with 26.36% (49.5 million ) and Zong with 22.34% (41.9 million). ). Ufone up 12.09% (22.7 million) and SCO up 0.86% (1.6 million).

It has also been observed that the growing demand for data from users is leading to faster deployment of the 4G network compared to its predecessor, 3G. According to PTA, the number of 4G users has exceeded 87.6 million.

In terms of 4G market share, Jazz leads with 34.5 million and Zong comes in second with 25.9 million; It is followed by Telenor Pakistan with 19.4 million; Ufone 6.7 million; and SCO million.

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